Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Between You and Me

"Between you and me," in my/our world density, Ron Paul won the presidency. This means that the debt's been shrinking and the economy is getting back on track. At the time of this writing there are no more wars in the world, no racism and no drug war and marijuana has been legal in all states for a few years now. This made the pharmaceutical companies one of the first to go out of business, which meant that people are not dying from there so called medicine anymore. And we really don't need medicine anyway. And no need for alcohol anymore. I'll tell you more about that later. Hemp has replaced cotton, fossil fuel, and other toxic substances but most vehicles are electric anyway and most homes have free energy because disclosure was a few years back, and our space buddies couldn't be more friendlier and helpful. Earth is truly turning back to the utopia it should have been 70 years ago, oh hell, thousands of years ago. ET's are truly us.

I don't mean to rub it in and piss you off for the asinine decisions some of you, most of you, have had to live with but I would like to go on here in hopes that more of you will be able to join us. This density is only a thought away after you get rid of the old school propaganda. We are meant to wake-up from bad dreams ya know. And you all will soon anyway, believe me. It's closer than around the corner.

The disclosure, the happiest days of our lives, also brought about the disclosure of the cabal, better known as the Illuminati. They, most committed suicide, were taken off world for their own safety. The ones that were already off world at the time were not aloud to return and are now being tracked down so they don't infect and hinder other worlds in their development and their positive evolution. Funny, when they left they took most, if not all, of our fear with them and thus people are doing more and more for other people without the need for any sort of payment. Joy has replaced money and the banks are going out of business, as is all the food businesses. Every body is either growing their own and/or helping others to do so organically. It is truly amazing the transformation this wonderful Earth has gone through in the last seven years, without fear always nagging at us. Ron Paul will probably be our last president. We don't need one anymore and don't need any government as well. We never did. All other countries, not wanting to be left behind, are following in our footsteps very quickly. Yes, libertarianism is spiritual.

I only use a computer when writing you, dear ones, but we really have no need for it or using a cell phone or looking at a TV set. Makes me sick, literally sick, thinking about them. When all these things left, soon after disclosure, our minds and our penile gland took over to it's rightful place again and we use telepathy instead. This, literally, opened up another world for us. We started to received many transmissions from our cousins off world and our cousins in Agharta, and the city Shamballah in the inner world, where I'm on my way now for vacation. This is a picture out my window that I thought you would like to see. Yes it's real. I pity you guys all caught up in what is real and not real. This photo could be out of focus, this is my first time here and I'm very nervous. Just imagine that these beautiful people have lived here thousands and thousands of years before us. I really want to tell you more, you sure deserve it guys, but my eyes hurt from looking at this damn monitor so long, and our pilot, an Aghartian gentleman, told us we should be landing soon. Everybody was looking at me strange anyway, for using this old world laptop. So stay tuned. I'll send another transmission, I mean email, to JR soon, that is if he can stand it. Hang in there JR and hang in there the rest of you. Your day will come. And remember Love out weighs everything. Till then. 

Love you all, Xanah

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