Friday, September 11, 2015

Austin Petersen 2016 ?

What's the story with this new Libertarian hopeful Austin Petersen?

AUSTIN PETERSEN is referred to by libertarians/Libertarians as "The male 'Libertarian Girl," meaning that he is a LINO (Libertarian In Name Only).

Austin "MR. LINO" Petersen wants to be the Libertarian Party nomination for president. There are a few problems with this, such as the fact that Party bylaws state that a nominee must be a registered Libertarian Party member, of which Petersen is not. In fact, Petersen supports the Republican Party, not the Libertarian Party, showing great disdain for libertarians/Libertarians. Within the libertarian/Libertarian movement Austin is known as a LINO
(Libertarian In Name Only). 
The ONLY way Petersen could possibly win the Libertarian nomination is if the LINOs entrenched within the Party were able to change the bylaws and get him nominated. This is not likely. It could be that like a radio "shock-jock," it's just a publicity stunt as Petersen is famous for. From Petersen's websites and Facebook pages we know that he openly supports Republican Party candidate Rand Paul for president on his pages, so why would he run against Paul? Obviously, as a complete unknown, he must know that he could not possibly have hope of actually winning, and helping libertarian-ism and the Libertarian Party has never been one of his goals, so what's his angle, his agenda? Could there be something more sinister in his plans?

Many American voters only know about the libertarian movement and Party from the mainstream media, which is controlled by the Democratic and Republican Parties. Most could not tell you anything about the Libertarian Party candidates except that Republicans Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush claim to be "libertarian." The Republican Party is the largest antagonist, blaming the Libertarian Party for the loss of votes and elections. In retaliation the Republican Party floods the media with confusion about what and who is libertarian/Libertarian to convince voters that THEY are libertarian and to vote Republican.

It is a possibility that Petersen plans to ingrain favor from the Republican Party by claiming to be a real Libertarian, not expecting, or caring if he gets nominated, but will, as an "offical" candidate, publicly throw "Libertarian Party" support to Rand Paul, or another Republican candidate. The Republican Party would be smart to use this to their advantage, no doubt making sure their mainstream news stations air it, and Austin will move many steps up the ladder making a public name for himself inside the Republican Party.

You might think that the Libertarian Party would counter, and you'd be correct, but who is going to hear it? The Libertarian Party can scream at the top of their lungs and unless they can make that scream heard on media news, a relative small portion of the American population would hear it.

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