Sunday, August 5, 2012

Libertarian In Name Only (LINO)

Similar to RINO (Republican In Name Only) LINO's are Libertarians that talk a good talk, show a good show, but when it's time for endorsement, or to vote, they broke my heart.

Libertarians endorsing anybody from another party is such a joke.

I never thought there could be a LINO. Not in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible. I know RINO well, there are so many of them. Most Republicans. Most of my family members. But I could never be a party to this activity and figured, yes assumed, that other's of my party had the same character, conviction and honesty as I. That's what the party is all about! The other parties are the way the other parties are. That's why people become libertarians, or 'come out' to be free. They don't endorse or vote for these others because they are not a member of those, and, supposedly, these other parties don't hold their views at heart. Either you are a libertarian or not. There is no middle ground here. The middle ground, the gray areas are for the other parties. That's what they are all about.

The first of these, shall we say 'semi-turncoats,' I've come across that broke my heart is Neal Boortz. Bob Barr didn't break my heart. There was no surprise with Barr. Once a traitor always a traitor. Now Neal, he most certainly talks a good talk, and that's his job. Why wouldn't he do such a good job at it? He's a million dollar talker. He's not a million dollar walker. He's not of the character of his party he's supposed to be a member of. He should sit no where near Ron Paul, not even in the same building. He is not worthy to even mention Paul's name. Endorsing Herman Cain was not in step with his prior stance for true freedom and liberty. Libertarians endorcing anybody from another party is such a joke. Like the Dali Lama endorsing the Pope.

And yesterday the news sent me a real eye-opener, a real surprise and a real reminder of just how shallow people convictions really are. And a reminder to me to never put anybody up on the libertarian pedestal, because eventually my heart will be broken. I couldn't hardly believe it, Clint Eastwood endorses the raving RINO Mitt Romney! "Say it isn't so, Joe."   

Well, what I've learned from my 50 year tenure on this spaceship called Earth, is that actors, directors and the like aren't much unless they have a script. Even when they become president they have to make sure something is pre-planned before they go out on a limb. Reagan had to make absolutely sure that the wall was coming down before he went on national television and delivered his 'tare down this wall' speech. Nope, if Clint would have had a script in front of him that said endorse Gary Johnson, like Ron Paul has done, like any real libertarian would, he would have done it before lunch break, and then it could be a 'rap'!

Nope Clint, your a nice actor, a super director, rich, and probably a nice person, but don't tell me how to vote for my country please. My country's real, not of your 'entertain-mental' World.

Saturday • August 4, 2012
LBN-NEWS  Late yesterday, Clint Eastwood, the 82-year-old actor, director, and American icon, threw his support behind Mitt Romney on Friday at a private campaign event. “I think the country needs a boost,” the Oscar-winner told the Associated Press , “Now more than ever do we need Gov. Romney.” All of the LBN E-Lert readers in all 50 of the United States and 25 foreign countries got the news BEFORE…..USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, Daily Variety, The New York Times.

LBN-COMMENTARY by JOHN STOSSEL: I’m a libertarian in part
because I see a false choice offered by the political left and right:
government control of the economy — or government control
of our personal lives. People on both sides think of themselves as
freedom lovers. The left thinks government can lessen income
inequality. The right thinks government can make Americans
more virtuous. I say we’re best off if neither side attempts
to advance its agenda via government.

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