Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Romney didn't want to be President !

Well hell, I was under the impression the man was running for president because that's what he wanted to do from the goodness of his heart, and his love he had for the country .... NOT. 

Get this, I can't hardly believe this, he was talked into it. It wasn't serious to him, it was a game, and he may have made some extra money. That's whats more important to him. There's no love for his fellow man and wanting the best for the country. There's no patriotism here with this 'dick' only his huge EGO which is probably bigger, much bigger than our national debt. Like the other RINOs, his agenda is himself. He couldn't care less about our country, as long as he can go home to his lap-of-luxury after work.

Hey, all you RINOs out there who busted your ass for a guy who didn't even want to be your candidate, blame Fox News! Wonder who they'll have you voting for next time? Or will you vote yourself?

And to think that the GOP pushed aside a true patriot for this guy who didn't even want to be there. Now, because of their 'Fox - philandering' and disrespect for our country and the true patriots, our USA has to have four more years of this stuff. Funny, we have more freedom now than we would ever have with Mitt.

Thank God it happened the way it did, and who's to say that things don't happen for the better. And who's to say someone or something isn't watching over us.

And I think voters are smarter than what we think. And I will most assuredly have to disagree with Tagg when he said his Dad would have been ecstatic to step aside if he could have found someone else, I mean, the 'someone else' was next to him on stage. The someone else had a much larger following and filled many an auditorium or stadium. The someone else lived and breathed liberty for his fellow man. The someone else is a true hero and devoted most of his life to this country and was a member of congress for most of his life. Hey Tagg, I don't buy your bullshit, or your Father's bullshit, and I don't think many people have or will anymore.

And thanks, Tagg, for letting us, the American people, know now. Ya could have let us known sooner, so we could have gotten your Daddy out of there. We could of had a Doctor in office by now, and he could be beginning to heal our country, if you would have thought of others instead of yourself, and your family. Yep, 'chip-off-the-old-block.'

MITT ROMNEY DIDN'T WANT TO BE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN 2012, HIS SON SAYS: Mitt Romney never wanted to run for president in the first place, his son says. “He wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run,” Tagg Romney told The Boston Globe in a story published yesterday. Tagg said it was he and his mom, Ann, who persuaded Romney to make a run. for the Oval Office. “If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside,” Tagg said.

No wonder Ron Paul is speaking out against armed government raids on raw milk providers:

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