Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GOP is a joke !

GOP: In the last several elections, you have done everything you can to push Libertarian candidates off the ballot. 

You sued us in Pennsylvania, joined with Democrats to pass voter suppression laws to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot. You used every dirty trick in the book, claiming that when it was necessary, you would stand for the principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism.
On the fiscal cliff, you completely failed to stand for cutting spending. Instead, you insisted on keeping our insane military spending high and keeping corporate subsidies, while allowing the Democrats to keep their wasteful pet projects. You completely failed to defend liberty or cut spending.

On gun control, you somehow got the NRA to endorse Romney, who supported gun bans in Massachusetts, instead of Gary Johnson. You showed how unprincipled the NRA has become.

Will you fail again on gun control? Will you push to end the gun free zones that allow such horrific school massacres? Will you at least manage to resist the proposed "assault weapons" ban? Or will you cave again, and show the world that while you talk about liberty, you never stand up for it.

The country is watching you. The Liberty Movement is watching you. And the Libertarian Party has real pro-freedom candidates waiting to take your place.

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