Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yea right, Juan Williams !

Juan Williams: "I'm a libertarian on this issue" "We need America to be a gun free zone."


Liberal gun grabbers just don't understand that more guns equal less crime. But even if they don't, there is no excuse to deny the rights of the many because of the wrong deeds of the few.

Still, the truth is that more guns do mean less crime.

Take Chicago for example:

On today's episode of The Freedom Report podcast, we discussed the fact that Chicago has seen the lowest amount of gun crimes since 1958. And it just so happens that this year was when concealed carry permits were finally issued. Now some are saying that the polar vortex might have had a lot to do with it, and we want to be intellectually honest and say that's entirely possible. But doesn't it just seem pretty darn coincidental that where there are less restrictive gun policies, there are less gun crimes?

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In Chicago: Concealed Carry Up, Gun Crime Down (PODCAST) 

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