Saturday, December 1, 2012

GOP Karma

"Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna look you right in the face, you better get yourself together darling, join the human race"-John Lennon

Funny with me, don't think I'm that unique, but when something poignant happens in my life, like this past election, lyrics from songs pop into my head to comment on the occasion. Many times they are Pink Floyd as I said on hub pages, but most times they are from John Lennon.

This is what happened this past election when the GOP's 'RINO Romney' bit the dust. Then, soon after, a poster of Ron Paul popped into my head, with the caption, "Miss me yet?" or another, "You had your chance!" or another, "Will you vote Libertarian next time?"

In the past ten years I've often wondered why the GOP seems more like the Democrats. I've often said that the GOP and DEMs have been fighting each other for so long that they smell the same. Then the 'Bushers' spent more money than the Democrats ever did. Then, topping it off so far, with Romney having his socialized medicine package, saying that it is better than Obama's, but still calling himself a Republican for freedom, liberties, and less government. There's no 'left wing' or 'right wing,' because there's no Eagle anymore. There's no bird anymore, for a bird has to fly, and that would require just too much freedom.

Now these two parties not only smell the same, they think they can convince people they are for less government and a real change for the USA, even though they both pile on their more socialized agenda. Was there a time that the GOP thought they had to be more like the 'enemy' to beat them, instead of being more like themselves? Hopefully, now they know the answer, and the errors of their ways.

You would think that Republicans got a 'wake-up-call' when Ron Paul washed his hands of this party, he's been a member of his whole life, and his son is a member of. Naaaa, they just ran and grouped with the Fox News swarm to be comfortably numb again. Free to get their mind changed accordingly. No matter what the facts were, and no matter who the logical candidate is for our country's woes. Like this country didn't need a Doctor !

They are the ones that made this awful mistake, like loosing Goldwater all over again, but we, the country, has to suffer now, again. Not only are we misinformed from their sensationalized news, we are told how to vote for our country's President, by them. Told to think who the better one is even though they can see who's getting the bigger crowds. Look who the people like, but interfere and interject their man. Sure, that's fair, balanced, but it is much more unafraid. And they do have much more money to flaunt their subliminal control. I couldn't hardly believe it when Charles Krauthammer called Ron Paul a 'kook' !  He should have been taken from there and charged with treason. It's no different than calling Ben Franklin that.

Ya know, there was a time we didn't need libertarians, because we had Republicans. They were the father's of the republic, as in their name, 'Republic-cans.'  They were not the father's of the Democracy as the "Republicans" (RINOs) are today. They completely 'flip-flopped' from the former members, and continue to do so for votes.

Notice in the following video. Why is it that RINO's are so mean, irritable, and eager to bite your head off? And don't think I don't know about this. I'm surrounded be these psychopathic authoritarians, as Ron Paul called them in his farewell address to Congress.

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